Jerry Haag Dedication, April 15, 2017
Photos by Phil Henderson

This Dedication Ceremony was held in the Auditorium, 1000 Villa St., Mountain View, CA as a recognition of the Volunteering activity of Jerry Haag who became a Silent Key in April, 2016.

Lynn Brown presents the new plaque for the radio room door which adds Jerry Haag's name.   It now reads "Dedicated in Memory of June J. Welsch, KF6WPQ - Jerry Haag, K6GAC"

Lynn Brown holds the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for Jerry Haag, signed by President Barack Obama in 2015.   Phil Henderson explains that the award was initiated by RSVP of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties for volunteer hours.   RSVP is an organization to promote and recognize senior adults who volunteer their time in Community service.

Jerry's brother, Al Haag, thanks the group for the dedication ceremony For Jerry.   To Al's right is his wife, son and son's wife.

An overall picture of the group of Amateur Radio Operators attending the dedication ceremony.

The plaque that will go on the door of the radio room at the EOC at 1000 Villa St., Mountain View, CA

A picture of the Lifetime Achievement Award signed by President Barack Obama Obama in 2015.