Mountain View CERT Related Web Links

The following links provide basic CERT information

MV CERT Information, City Web Site

CERT Communication Plan (FRS Channels)

CERT Map with Primary FRS Channels Noted

CERT Command Post Information (as of 02/20/24)

The following Links are from the GRMS Communication Class given on February 17, 2024

NOTE: The class files have been saved in Acrobat format (PDF) to make it easier and faster to
load and view. If you want the Word version of these files, CLICK HERE.

Class After Action Report

Pictures from the class

CERT Effective Radio Communication240124.pdf

CERT Radio 1 crossword.pdf

CERT Radio 2 crossword.pdf

CERT Radio 3 crossword.pdf

CERT Radio 4 crossword.pdf

DA 2 rows.pdf

DA form all 1.pdf

DA form all 2.pdf

DA Report Example.pdf

DAR talkpoints.pdf

ERC TalkPoints1-Tim.pdf

How to call in a Damage Assessment Form for CERT 240218.pdf

How to fill out a Damage Assessment Form for CERT 1.5 210522.pdf

Pro words.pdf

Sample NCO Script 210823.pdf

Troubleshooting Radio Problems.pdf